Les aiguilles a tricoter

For a while now, I’ve walked past a certain shop in La Rochefoucauld which sells wool. Now, as you know, I’ve gone back to creativity following a long absence. For the first time in years, I’m drawing, painting, making stuff again. It’s fab.

However, today, I took the plunge and bought two balls of wool and some 7 mm needles. I cast on (with a little reminder from Youtube) and I’ve begun to knit something for someone I love very much. I hope she likes it!

I have had a 25 year gap between knitting this and the last thing I knitted, so I’m amazed it came back to me. In fact, better than I thought it would. I was knitting in no time and it actually looks really good. Photos will follow!

We also had an accidentally long walk. I say accidentally because it wasn’t supposed to be so long. I managed to take us a very sensible route and get us back to where we were the other day with Molly’s branch swing, though Steve did not believe we had been there before. Then we walked up past the rifle range and past the boar run which Molly loves. On the way back, I saw a bit I’d not seen before – the Black Lake ( a green puddle) and we took a different route. We somehow ended up 3 km away from where we should have been. Steve got a bit irritated with me saying I recognised the road or the trees, but we found our way back eventually. We were miles away from where we should have been, and all the dogs did remarkably. Saffy goes from strength to strength, making me wonder if it’s her thyroid at all, and not just being overweight. She’s like a different dog!

Photos of the day will follow. It’s been much warmer today – 9° – and it rained steadily all afternoon –  we got back with three very wet dogs. Loving the wet dog smell! I’m waiting for tomorrow to plant some leek seeds – the temperature is predicted to stay above 5° til next Wednesday, so it’s warm enough for seeds in the lean-to. I should take a photo of the lean-to, as well!


One thought on “Les aiguilles a tricoter

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the knitting…I am the world’s slowest knitter…I’ve taught myself how to knit three times in the last 40 years, and have forgotten how every time! I am an amazing crocheter though!

    I’ve never tried growing leeks…I really like leek soup!


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