Whilst the Beani is away…

It’s weird being on my own in my own house. I don’t think I’ve been alone for 24 hours since… I don’t know when.

Still, it’s an opportunity that I’m unused to. I took it easy at first, finding difficulty in shedding Steve and Jake’s virtual presence and reclaiming my single girl ways. I lit a fire (Steve’s job, always) and I made hot chocolate and ate sweeties (Jake’s job) and then I did something unprecedented. I watched the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency, that delightful girls’-only viewing. I curled up with the dogs and a hot chocolate on the couch and laughed at Mma Ramotswe and her lovely secretary Grace Makutsi, with the inimitable Mr Matekoni. He is the finest man ever, according to me. He is kind and noble and old-fashioned and romantic. He reminds me in many ways of my Gramps and Andy – hard-working, honest, loyal, kind… I loooooove Rra Matekoni.

This is odd. It’s like watching Disney in a lap dancing club, watching girly stuff that doesn’t have a spy in it, or guns (although I admit it does have detecting in it, which is right up my street) and it’s not that I mind 24 and Burn Notice and so on, because I introduced them, but sometimes, it’s nice to watch something the boys wouldn’t like at all. Not that I enjoy watching it because they don’t like it, but I enjoy watching it all the more because only I like it.

And this morning… Steve and I usually keep fairly quiet til eleven-ish, not because we don’t want to wake Jake, but because we like this quiet time. I like quiet mornings, it must be said. But today, I’m listening to a little bit of HED (p.e.) and it’s great. I can listen to whatever I like, and I like to listen to HED. I suspect I’ve not quite shaken off Steve’s tastes yet. I may be up to Depeche Mode by Friday, who’s to say?

I have been tame so far. I scratched my tummy in front of the fridge in a very Homer-Simpson kind of a way, but honestly, I’d do that anyway. I’m wondering if I’m going to do something wild, like paint the front room pink or go around naked in just high heels, or get up at lunch time. I doubt it.

The truth be told, I can’t think of anything more revolutionary to do than go to bed half an hour later, get up half an hour earlier, watch something less usual and listen to some early morning music. Maybe, just maybe, I might get really revolutionary and not watch anything at all tonight. Although, with six more Rra Matakonis to watch, I suspect that might be reserved for nights later in the week.

What’s a girl to do when the Beanster is away??!

I want something naughty that will give me a smile afterwards. I suspect I’ll settle for nothing more exciting than keeping the toilet door open. Answers on a postcard please.

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