Toile de verre

I’m not sure what this is in English. I don’t even think it exists. Toile is fabric or canvas or cloth. Verre is glass. So literally ‘glass fabric’ – another website helpfully translates it (into French) to say ‘cache-misere’ – hides misery. That’s a great description. It looks a lot like surgical fabric or tubi-grip. You paste it to the walls and then paint over it. It’s what’s known as a ‘revetement’ – a re-clothing – a covering, a coating or skin – made of glass fibre (surely that’s not a good thing? Isn’t that bad stuff?)

There is an equivalent in the UK – Glasstex – helpfully, it’s also a fire retardant. I didn’t know that! You learn something every day. I have to say, having looked at lots of images, they all look rank. They seem to have all been painted with bright primary colours in very unflattering ways. It’s kind of, I guess, like Anaglypta, that horribly old-fashioned wallpaper – or wood-chip wallpaper – perfect for imperfect surfaces. So, at the moment, the room looks like it’s been hung in lovely surgical fabric and is awaiting transition into something hideously 1970s. What am I doing??!

I hope I’m sure it will be alright.


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