Mid-winter cleaning

I’m not sure why, but I seem to have had a spurt of energy recently, leading Steve to say ‘I’d like you in charge of my company, but I don’t want you in charge of me.’ I take this kindly. Obviously, I’m very bossy. This is my nature. I’m a born nag encourager of people. I’m very good at leading by example and getting stuck in. People around me either feel annoyed by my energy or get a  little of it themselves. Steve does both.

So… I’ve been finally finding homes for things and re-finding things packed months ago. I’ve also realised I’d packed my rubbish CDs (I have a strange fascination with boy bands that goes against every inch of my hard-core nature) and left my good CDs at my mum’s. I have no idea where my recipe books are, although I found Nigella Express today. Love Nigella. Perfect food for the winter season. I’ve also unpacked all my classic fiction, finding plenty to keep me going through until April. I’ve cleared the dining table and put my lovely art-deco tea set out on a lovely art-deco chrome tray. Steve’s given the ceiling the third coat of paint. We found the perfect Christmas tree yesterday and he is most impressed with the quality of his new chainsaw blade which cut through it like butter. Who’s to say – by the end of the week, a bit of the living room might be decorated! Maybe…

I’ve yet to find the perfect curtain fabric for the front room, though I’m looking forward to the finished product. I’m going for lots of white on the ceilings and walls, since it’s such a dark and gloomy room. I’ve already decided where various pictures and paintings will go. I have not, however, decided what to do with the doors. They’re small and horrible-looking – just panels with handles. I need something a little better!

It feels nice getting on with the stuff in the house for a change – although it was quite strange going out into the garden today and seeing it all lush and green again, if under grey skies.


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