La neige et la fermeture de l’ecole

School is closed today – les maîtresses can’t get into school. The snow is coming down quite fast now having floated around for a bit looking like it was thick but really just waltzing about. I did an impression of it and Steve laughed. He said it looked like the snow was conducting. It really does. But now… it’s thick and heavy.

Not quite so snowy as it is now...

Molly went mental when she saw it – racing about and getting giddy. She likes to root about in it and race about. She does this kind of figure of eight thing where she races about the garden like a (fat) greyhound. Unfortunately, Caesar’s owners have secured the garden better, so she hasn’t had any visits recently. At least I hope that’s what happened. I’m hoping Caesar hasn’t found a quick way to Doggie Heaven on the D6. Otherwise, were Caesar here, I don’t think we’d get her back in again. She loves the snow. Every time any one of us has stood up, she gets giddy at the chance she might be going outside.

Molly on the rampage with a big stick

Basil has stayed upstairs and doesn’t look like he’s coming down again. Sensible cat.

The chickens look quite bemused and haven’t come out of the woodshed. I wouldn’t either, if I were them.

Basil, surveying his empire

To say Basil has a new lease of life is an understatement. I’m not sure how exactly he got up into the barn, unless he used the ladders??! One minute, he was racing through the garden; the next, he was up on the top storey of the barn, looking down on us. I’ve not seen him so full of energy for years. It’s sad that his little friend Tasha, my mum’s cat, died recently. I think she was younger than he was, but it really reminded me how old he is. I’m glad he’s still got the energy to rampage and catch shrews and mice. He still gets bored on wet days, though!

At the moment, I’m contemplating cancelling tonight’s tuition – it’s over in Anaïs, and the road is extremely treacherous. It’d be probably easier to cycle. Mind you, it’s so thin it could conceivably have disappeared by this evening. I’m really just wanting to curl up with Far from the Madding Crowd, which I’m re-reading. I’m having a one-woman Hardy-fest. I do think Hardy is a writer for older people. I did Return of the Native at Uni, and I’ve read Jude the Obscure and a misguided student teacher made me endure The Mayor of Casterbridge. I don’t think it’s a good idea to launch this on teens. I think it’s the kind of text you get when you get a little older. Not a young person’s classic, by any means. Although, on such a day, I’m thinking of digging out Anne Radcliffe’s uber-fantastic The Mysteries of Udolpho. It’s high season for a little mystery, suspense and haunting gothic.

Before that, however, we’ve got a lot of decorating to do. We went to Brico-depot last night to pick up stuff to decorate the front room with. When we arrived, Madame had a fetching dirty green wallpaper embellished with wheat or bamboo or something – and the bottom half of the room was bedecked in green felt. Yes. Felt on the walls. We also had a door going upstairs that is entirely decorated likewise. I don’t think wallpapering doors is an English trend, and that makes it all a little more amusing. Loving the wallpapered ‘hidden’ doors. The ceiling (which could very well have exposed poutres – beams – underneath) is covered with wooden panels, which need painting. We also have a rather lovely fluorescent light bulb – the kind you get in functional kitchens (in fact, there is one in our very functional kitchen) and lovely exposed wires. So, the front room needs a makeover, because apart from the lovely fire and the furniture we’ve put in, needs a complete overhaul. Luckily, it’s structurally sound, so it’s just a case of stripping and repapering, and painting the ceiling. It’ll look a million times less gloomy and dark. The windows need painting, as do the external shutters, but then at least I’ll be able to make some curtains and make it look a little less like it was destroyed in the Blitz and never rebuilt.


2 thoughts on “La neige et la fermeture de l’ecole

  1. Love the photo of Basil…

    Our dog also goes slightly nuts when we let him outside…runs as fast as he possibly can…impossible to catch him! His cornering ability is amazing!

    Have fun with the redecorating!


  2. The dogs love the snow don’t they??! I’m quite sure Molly would enjoy Jake’s company! We managed to strip a wall of paper and paint some of the ceiling. I’ve got all my books out and put away. Can’t believe I’ve been here five months without unpacking my books. Before and after pics will follow – but prepare to be alarmed!

    On the plus side, we found a little papered-over door we didn’t know we had. This house is full of surprises!

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