Post-whinge normality

Sorry for the accidental whinge yesterday. I’m at the mercy of my Step-father’s obsession with the Daily Politics show and it makes me feel all ‘ARGH!’ – David Cameron really needs to stop saying ‘… we inherited…’ now – we get it! This is what England does to me. I’m far too wrapped-up in the politics and far too powerless.Plus, the chair is uncomfortable – the keyboard is at an odd angle to the monitor and the longer I type the more frustrated I get.

Anyway… I benefit from another influence whilst I’m here: my mother’s. My mother is a craftswoman extraordinaire. She does AMAZING things with bits of cotton and fabric. Her house is like an Aladdin’s cave of crafty wonders. I’m fully packed up on the excellent ideas I’ve gleaned here (embroidery, definitely. A bit of knitting may be on the agenda too) and I can’t wait to rush back, get to Gifi, Oasis and Cache Muraille and stock up on fabrics, cottons, colours etc for Christmas.

I thought last night that I should have a ’25 days of Christmas’ advent craft event at home when I get back. I’m dying to get started. I’m starting with fabric stars, moving through a range of tartan-y goods and Jake and I are going to be B-U-S-Y! I’ve even found stuff for Steve to do. I can’t wait to get them up on display. I looooooove Christmas. I love decorating my house (I’ve even had autumn decorations up) and I like moving through the seasons.

It has to be said, I have beautiful Christmas decorations – all in France, because the sensible stuff got left here and ridiculous stuff went over on the first van. Lots of lovely jewel colours, courtesy of the now defunct Pier. I also go for themed colours for wrapping – and I’m good. If there was a job as a professional present wrapper (not rapper as some of my exam kids might spell it, or even raper) then I would have it. I think I was an elf in a former life.

This year, I’m braving felt. I hate felt. I hate the feel of it. It goes through me. I have a friend who feels like this about cotton wool – it gives her the creeps. I shall brave it because I want to have a very festive house – although I wish I had time to paint and decorate before then. I doubt it. The ceiling, maybe. I might manage that if I get on to it when I get back. Could do with the papa bringing some proper paint round, and not this stupid French paint that’s thinner than my mother’s gravy (sorry mum)

I did the whole ‘pink and black’ very very fetching thing in 1997 – then lime green and blue… this year, maybe I’m back to white stuff? I’m not sure yet. There won’t be much by way of presents, since we’re so poor, but it’s always a great day anyway.

I’m a fan of velvet ribbons too.

So… so far, I’ve got some fabric stars planned, some snowflakes, some cool Christmas stockings, baked goods of course, Christmas cards and the likes… Maybe even some Christmas stuff for the garden too. Watch this space : )

Etsy, as always, is a source of inspiration, but as always, there’s little you can’t do yourself.


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