The Secret Garden

We have a little garden between the road, the annex and the house – which you can reach by a secret passageway, or by an old rusty gate that was completely over-grown with vines and ivy. In the corner, between the main road and the side road, there is a small toilet. By toilet, I mean hole with a box built over it, and a cupboard around it. We can’t dismantle it completely because it forms the boundary between the house and the road. So we’ll be ‘working with’ it. I think it will make some kind of shady tree area. Most of the garden is in the shade, facing North and West, with the house in between. There are a couple of vines twisted over a rusty frame. I’m loathe to destroy the vines, but I’m not taken with the rusty frame. It’s not a nice looking vintage frame, just a rectangular, cheap frame that has served a purpose but isn’t very attractive. It’s got to go!

We’ve taken a few things out already, because it was completely overgrown when we arrived. An ancient cherry has been chopped back, seeing as it was growing over the hedge into the road, and it was covered in thick moss. There are a couple of hazelnuts, two pear trees that need a little love, a quince and a few indiscriminate and as yet unidentified bushes. The floor is overgrown with ivy. A lot of the trees have been easier to prune, mum-style, now the leaves have fallen, and I’ve cut the hedge right back. There’s still a lot to do. I think, this is going to be my fern and hosta garden. Shade-loving plants that give a little sanctuary from the road. It’s not a place you’d sit, really, seeing as it is right next to the departmental road, but it still needs something doing with it. Something low maintenance.

I’m quite taken at the moment with Marianne Maison Jardin, which is a seasonal magazine with lovely ideas. There’s a a gorgeous ‘wood-house’ ornament which I shall have to scan and show. It’s just a stack of logs, side on, with roof tiles, set up like a little house. You can’t get in it, but it’s still lovely.

Marianne Maison Jardin

One thought on “The Secret Garden

  1. Sounds like you have a beautiful spot there, Justine!

    We have a cherry tree, two apple trees, a crabapple tree, eight high bush blueberries, raspberries, rhubarb, a spruce tree, a soft maple, and a horse chestnut tree in our yard. For perennial flowers, we have roses (both wild and cultivated), and peonies. I still have perennials to plant, but haven’t decided where to put them yet…they have to be inside the fence since we have a large deer population!

    I really enjoy Victoria magazine…


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