Il fait froid ce matin!

Just a couple of photos of the beautiful space around us!

Looking up from the top of our garden to Les Hauts Ecures…

Looking down towards Agris…


I love misty days like this back in England, but you don’t tend to find so many of them, sadly. Plus, living on estates in the city, you just don’t see these stretches of sun-lit fields. I used to love driving up to Clitheroe or Chorley to work on days like this – despite the length of the drive. I’d got up with the Moll, we’d let the chicken ladies out and then patrolled the property as is our morning habit, and it was just TOO gorgeous. The sun was breaking through the cold and turning everything from white to silver; there was a smell of wood smoke lingering in the still air, and the houses at Les Hauts Ecures were smoky through the early morning mist. The chickens have gone from subtle Grandmother’s Footsteps behind us when we walk anywhere to running at full pelt behind us in case we have any food. You’d think they were undernourished! I was followed around by Moll, at my side, then the chickens, with Basil watching from the distance, a little bemused by the expansion of my daily patrol. The leaves have turned on all the grape vines, now, and Autumn is about to give way to Winter.


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