Beautiful green solitude

*title taken from John Clare’s Evening*

The work continues: a lot of the trees have come down that were dead or dying, and the back orchard is bigger, spacious and free. The sun is welcome in, these days. We’ll prune the trees right back when the leaves have fallen, but it’s already looking a hundred times better. We have a neat row of plum trees, ended with a maple, rather than a crazy orchard that was impossible to stand up in.

I’ve pulled up another load of weeds, too – my carrot rows look more like carrot rows and I’ll start on the spring onions tomorrow. The last of the apples are collected, and the last of the peaches frozen. It’s getting to the point where I can map out the grounds, knowing what is where. We have a couple of walnut trees beginning their final stages, the quince to harvest, but other than that, Les Ecures is shutting down for l’hiver.

It’s time to get into the kitchen and start making things for the winter. Chinese Salt and Pepper wings tonight, followed by apple caramel waffles and home-made ice-cream – the last of the apples that aren’t frozen up. The boys have a run on cookies right now, and it’s definitely time to stock up. Jake wants to make home-made crumpets tomorrow, and I have to say it’s the perfect weather for them. Yet another Hairy Bikers’ recipe. Some salted butter on these will be delightful!

Moll enjoying the fire

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