peach frozen yoghurt and caramelised shallot bread rolls

I’ve got an absolute glut of peaches. With four peach trees – one with little small peaches, an Indian red free peach tree and two with big fleshy peaches with white flesh – I reckon I’ve had a couple of kilos of (plums) peaches (edit: you don’t get plums from peach trees. D’oh!) off each one. Not only that, but there are another two peach trees, as yet without fruit, so I better get good at stuff with peaches! I’ve already made a couple of kilos-worth of frozen peaches in syrup, a kilo of peach chutney (which is absolutely delicious!!) and some peach jam, I’m running out of ideas. However, we had some natural yoghurts left over and so I’ve made them into peach frozen yoghurt. And it’s gorgeous!

I’d looked at a few sites for frozen yoghurt, but they were mostly American sites with cup measurements, which I can never get my head around. Cup measurements are for boobs, not for food! So I’d devised a kind of ratio that seemed to work.

1. Drop 1kg of peaches into boiling water for one minute. Take them out and plunge them straight into cold water. The skins should then come off easily. De-stone them and chop the peaches into small pieces. You should get about 650g of peach flesh.

2. Boil the peaches with 300g sugar and 100 ml water. Boil them for about 15 minutes until they’re soft. Mash them up.

3. Mix them with 1kg of natural yoghurt.

4. Blend in an ice-cream maker for 30 mins, then transfer to a tub and freeze for at least 2 hours.

The other thing I’ve made today is caramelised shallot bread rolls. I’d got some shallots left over, so I made my usual bread roll recipe using the hairy bikers’ bread recipe – mainly because I find it hard not to love everything they cook or do, even if they sound like Vic and Bob – then caramelised 10 shallots in 25 mg butter, 15 ml olive oil, 15ml balsamic vinegar and 15mg of caster sugar (except I used dark brown sugar because I like the colour it gives to the onions) and then caramelised the onions. A bit like (but not exactly like) James Martin’s recipe for caramelised onion bread. If Steve liked mussels, I’d definitely be making this. I might do an onion soup and use the caramelised shallot bread for crostini with a gruyere crust.


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