The first egg… oh la la!

Well, when the men came back in last night from putting the ladies to bed, Jake brought an egg in with him! I was so surprised I nearly laid one myself. I wasn’t expecting one quite so soon! I thought it was a ‘shock’ egg, but we had another this morning, under a bush. They aren’t very good at laying them where they should. To be honest, the egg was so perfect and round I half thought one of the two men had put it there just to hear me squeal.

We also picked about a kilo and a half of blackberries, which, at Tesco prices, would be about £15.00 – not bad! There are plenty of places to walk around here, but my favourite circuit has to be up to La Rochette, across the ‘chausée submergée’ – where the river is in the winter, and down into Villemalet, then back across ‘coypu bridge’. I’d seen a lot of black beauties there the other day but they turned out to be small and disappointing. Great expectations, and all that…

les murs sauvages

My nana had sent me a recipe for a tomato tarte tatin, but I don’t know how it would work with the recipe – it was very watery – the tomatoes were more like a soup! I think you’d need very firm tomatoes for that. It was very nice, whilst sloppy and Steve discovered the delights of goats’ cheese last night. He was quite alarmed. I’d given him a goat’s cheese and tomato crostini ‘muse bouche with a balsamic vinegar and thyme dressing – he was impressed.

We also had another moth visitor, in the form of a beautiful green-and-gold moth…


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