Le Rentree

We’ve still not had very much information about Jake’s return to school – La Rentrée – although I have a list of supplies for him… we’re off to Géant Casino later to find what we can for his school ‘fourniture’  – it’s a little old-fashioned – he needs an apron for stuff, and an old shirt for art – but it’s also surprisingly modern – he needs a mini-whiteboard and dry-wipe pens.

The mini-whiteboard has become an indispensable item in my classroom or teaching – being able to write it out having not committed it to paper is quite nice for lots of people – boys included – and it’s also great for ‘show-and-tell’ answers, so you can see what the entire class would answer and where you’ve got pupils who don’t understand. I think I might have to dig mine out for when I start with ‘LCF’ – I’m planning on a full-scale ‘EMMA-STYLE’ assault on teaching in La Rochefoucauld – and it will be brilliant!

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