Argh… and breathe….. Argh…. and breathe.

No, not childbirth. Moving to France.

10 days left and still so much to do.

Cat still to go to vet’s. Dog has been. Dog and cat passports to pick up. Passport for the boy. Tickets for the tunnel x 1 for me. Tickets for the tunnel x 2 for the van. Council tax to sort out. Bills to pay. Hair to be cut. Family to be visited. Tip. Remove stuff from loft. Finish packing. Garden to be tidied. Pots to be cleaned out. Rubbish to go out. Forward mail. Finish exam marking. Meetings in Manchester x 6. Car cleaned out. Car cleaned washed. New tyres. Insurance address swapped. New driver’s licence. Take surplus to Emmaus. Take clothes to Salvation Army. Optician. Doctor’s. Clean floor. Wash windows. Pick up paint. Pick up wallpaper.

But… it’s all going in the right direction! I just hope I can get earning a living over there!

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