Less than two weeks!

Well, I’m  now on a countdown.

We’re off to France on the 31st July – so 12 days and counting! I can’t believe there is so much to do in that time. We’re picking up a van on the 29th – travelling down to France on the 3oth and 31st and we’ll be in situ from the 1st August, almost 11 months after we first planned to go there!


I’m comforting myself with the thoughts that there will be sunshine, harvests to crop, apples to pick, potatoes to dig up, weeding a-plenty, mowing, strimming, pruning, trimming, sewing, painting, sanding, stripping, killing, moving, shifting, papering, hanging, tidying, sweeping, cleaning and countless other tasks.

But I can’t wait! I have so much I now need to do!


First stop: market. Then I can buy a huge cooking pot to make jam with. I’m also planning on a dozen other damson-related products, not least damson jam, damson jelly and stewed damsons for later in the year, when I’ll quite happily be making a big load of damson cobbler.

Mes pommes

These will go for apple chutneys, frozen stewed apples, cider (which I really fancy making!) apple pies and apple cakes, as well as the absolute must ‘tarte tatin’

I’d quite like a dryer as well, so I can dry fruit, such as apples and peaches, for later consumption. Of course, then, we also have apple sorbet and damson sorbet, with the ice cream maker I have long waited to make use of.

Spiced apples, spiced plums… can’t wait! I really, really cannot wait!

One vine of the grapes

right… on to do stuff… organising, thank yous… a million and one things to do!

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