The Lizard Man Cometh

Steve got back after a harrowing trip yesterday. Harrowing for me, seeing as I’m always the one who has to answer the question: “Where am I?” which can come at any time and from any venue. Honestly, I wish I could fit him with GPRS.

Still, he seemed in high spirits. The majority of his work has been mowing the lawn in the sunshine. He’s already sick of it. More digging up and planting, I feel, and less lawn!

This is the result of a lack of mowing for 3 weeks!

I can see that this would be my rose bed anyway – seems like many of the roses are past their best here, but I would really like a fantastic row of lovely roses. I’m prepared to hybridise and propagate. Have secateurs, will travel! Madame had a gazebo out here, too, which I would like very much (in a Moroccan style so that it can be completely closed off to the world, filled with lovely soft cushions

I love this one…

*apologies for the tiny size, but you get the ideas and the fantastic colours!*

And you can see the original image here from my new favourite website of the day:

CHS Creative Productions

I love their work, I really do. How fabulous? Completely and utterly! How fun??! Bags of!

Their blog is here

You know I’m going to be a regular follower. I think this is my dream business! Now… where can I get the money from to run a business like this in Angouleme??!

Now wouldn't this be a lovely place for a Moroccan style canopy tent?!

Hmmm. The problem is that I can see the seat of Steve’s bike in the foreground. How on earth do I convince him that we need a canopy that’s fabulous for Florida and Miami, but not quite “I am MAN. I like METAL. I like MACHINES”.

I might put those cute little tinsel glittery things on the handles of his motorbike and say ‘you WILL cave to my will.’


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