99 things I love about Steve and Jake

I’m going list-mental in these next two posts in honour of my 99th and 100th posts.

Things I love about Steve

The Molly Dog

1. How he tells the dog we’re moving to France

2. When he laughs at me choking laughing at something on t.v.

3. His ‘crotchless panties’ – some ripped trackie bottoms well past their sell-by date

4. His caffeine habit

5. His reluctance to spend money (which sometimes infuriates me!)

6. His ability to find a bargain

7. How he never fails to surprise me, even after knowing him almost 30 years

8. How kind he is to animals

9. That he’ll always get stuck in and work hard

10. How he calms me down

11. How he’s secretly been picking up French

12. How he loves potato salad and now makes it himself

13. When he sneaks up on me deliberately to startle me

14. What a good dad he is

15. How strong he is

16. How patient he can be

17. How he fails to ever, really, get excited, even when we buy houses in France

18. That he doesn’t like to drink much alcohol

19. That he’s addicted to Time Team

20. That he fancies himself a treasure hunter

21. His coin collection

22. His aversion to sports on t.v.

23. His outdoor ways

24. His innate practicality

25. That he’s a meat-eating man who’ll eat salad as long as it’s drenched in dressing

26. That he’s always evolving

27. That he likes gardening

28. That he’s endlessly intelligent

29. That he makes me laugh a hundred times a day

31. That he settles my nerves

32. That he loves what I cook

33. That he’s so easy going

34. That he finds me amusing

35. When he takes a nap with the dog

36. That the first thing he’s sorting in France is the dog house

37. That he loves motorbikes

38. That he likes a walk

39. That he loves having fun with kids

40. How he knows who he is and doesn’t feel the need to change unless he wants to

41. His love of ‘cowwies’

42. How he shows Jake how to do stuff

43. His fascination with fire

44. How he loves surprising things that you wouldn’t expect him to

45. That he’s totally at one with who and what he is

46. How he accepts what he cannot change without frustration

47. How he can always cut costs

48. That he’ll go and try and order lawnmower parts in France, get the part and then get frustrated with the bloke and walk out

49. His Evil Edna tattoo

50. That he doesn’t often laugh out loud, but when he does, it makes him laugh more, and it’s often at me.

And things I love about Jake

1. That he is a morning ogre and a nightowl

2. That he likes maths and is really good at it

3. When he gets frustrated playing ‘Dumbville’ and almost punches the computer

4. When he plays air hockey and he looks a bit over-excited

5. How grown up he can be

6. How sensitive he is when people are upset. Sometimes.

7. What a little ‘boy’ he is, covered in mud

8. How sensible he is with tools

9. How much he likes drawing

10. When he and I do a drawing together (mainly me, it must be said)

11. When he does cute things, like give me a Valentine’s card, and then say ‘well, someone else made it’ in such a “MAN” way

12. That he likes to get the bar stool and sit and help me cook

13. When he told everyone I was going on Masterchef

14. When he gets shy, as he’s usually so ‘bravado’ and ‘machismo’

15. How good he is with little kids and how he looks after them

16. How gentle he can be, especially with animals

17. When he kisses Molly and comes to lie down with her

18. How great it is when he achieves something he didn’t expect to

19. How much fun it is to take him to Frankie and Benny’s and drink kids’ cocktails, like we’re in Bugsy Malone

20. That he really, really, really loves The Goonies

21. When we sit and watch Trigger Happy TV together and like it because the people on it are cute because they’re so helpful.

22. When he tries to encourage me to do things of Neg’s Urban Sports, and I do and he then gets really embarrassed.

23. When I told that woman off in the cinema who yelled in my face, and Jake told me I totally could have beaten her in a fight and that he’d have taken the child on.

24. That he loves ‘Reaper’ and sits and watches ‘Burn Notice’ with me

35. That we have frank and honest discussions about stuff, like his mum and like discipline and like life and school

36. That he feels he can ask me questions about stuff and I’ll answer him honestly

37. When he’s asleep and he looks so innocent and so wonderful

38. That he likes to have the TV on to go to sleep

39. That he thinks I’m a great artist when I’m really not even average

40. That he likes to talk about stuff like Brazil and South Africa and he will sit and listen (for two minutes) to me talk about them

41. That I taught him Eric Cantona and Zinedine Zidane were Europe’s best footballers and they’re French

42. That he asked me if I had kids of my own whether they’d be better behaved for other people, like he is

43. That he ran around Madeline Lindley Book Warehouse getting giddy about science books

44. That he loves science and he particularly loves electronics and electrical stuff

45. That mostly he is the most adorable kid (until the Incredible Sulk kicks in!)

46. That he’s extremely good at Art, yet he doesn’t think he is

47. That he’s still fascinated by life

48. That he will give you his honest opinion about whether something looks good or not, and he’s usually right

49. That he quite likes bird spotting.

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