100 things about me… In honour of my 100th post

1. I love lists

2. I used to have an obsession with smurfs when I was younger.

3. My first story was about smurfs

4. My favourite teacher ever was Mr Parkes, my Junior 2 teacher, when I was 8.

5. Justine is my nom-de-plume and only 6 people know why

6. I speak 7 languages with varying degrees of fluency

7. I’m a Sagittarius and I don’t believe in horoscopes, except when I do

8. My favourite story is “Gone with the Wind”

9. I have a crush on Clark Gable

10. I also have a crush on Sean Bean

11. I liked school

12. I love metal, but I also love Mika and the Scissor Sisters

13. My most expensive boots cost £250.00 in a sale

14. My most expensive handbag was bought in the airport in Tokyo

15. I love magical realism

16. I wish I was Latin American a lot

17. I love sushi probably more than I love pizza

18. I love margherita pizza

19. I love oregano and basil

20. I salt my food more than I should

21. My favourite novel (not story!) is “The Great Gatsby”

22. My favourite movie is probably “The Outsiders”

23. When I was 13, I wished I had a brother called Sodapop

24. My brother loves me so much he once went through a children’s activity tunnel in the Early Learning Centre, just to make me laugh

25. I always wished I had my sister’s name (Abigail)

26. I love photography, and I’m a bit of a purist about digital. Photography should be hard. It’s an art.

27. I love cakes, especially cream cakes

28. I sometimes listen to opera, and I love Madame Butterfly

29. I can hypnotise people

30. I’ve done 34 marathons in my life, but now my feet are busted : (

31. I’ve got bipolar disorder

32. I’ve got a congenital defect of my hands

33. I don’t like to follow the crowd

34. I despise women with no umph

35. My favourite word is salamander

36. It’s my lifetime mission to read all of Charles Dickens’ novels.

37. I’ve read 6 Charles Dickens’ novels so far

38. I also want to see all of Shakespeare’s plays in production

39. I have two tattoos, both of which I designed myself.

40. Sometimes I look like Medusa in the morning

41. I loved Clash of the Titans

42. I’d love a dog of my own, even though my cat does very well as a pet.

43. I’ve seen the sun rise over the Amazon, and set over the Sahara (not on the same day!)

44. I made a wish in the Meiji temple

45. I love SnoopyWorld in Harajuku

46. My favourite flower is probably the rose

47. I’m very sentimental

48. I love writing letters, and I’ve got all the letters ever sent to me by friends

49. I miss my Gramps every day

50. I love it when my cat caterwauls

51. I wish I had a horse of my own

52. When I was about 15, I used to keep a top ten of all the lads I fancied and sometimes, Steve was on it, but he doesn’t know that. And he probably thinks he’s on more than he is : )

53. I once kissed a boy whose name was Alastair, simply because his name was Alastair

54. My longest relationship was 5 years

55. My favourite little bit of a walk in the whole world is the bit of Dow Lane that goes to Lowercroft dip

56. I once stole a bottle of orange from a doorstep when I was coming home at 5 in the morning

57. I love murder mysteries, especially Harry Bosch and Elvis Cole.

58. I used to think Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’ was written about me

59. I love dressing up

60. I own a corset from House of Harlot. It’s a prized possession and my most expensive outfit

61. I love Camden Market, even if it is a bit cheesy these days

62. I’m probably a hippie with a power-dresser inside. Or a power-dresser with a hippie inside

63. I have A level religious studies and I’m inclined to ask spiritual questions

64. I once mooned Tokyo from Roppongi Hills Tower

65. I love Georgia O’Keeffe stuff and did my A level Art work in honour of her

66. My favourite photographer is Henri Cartier-Bresson

67. I’m coffee, not tea. And the best coffee I ever drank was in Cuba, freshly ground and brewed, with a slice of banana cake

68. I don’t drink very much, but I love gin and tonic, malibu and coke and other 1980s drinks.

69. I know how to revive hibernating hamsters and gerbils

70. I want to learn how to hybridise my own roses

71. I want to complete my back tattoo with wisteria, maple leaves and snowflakes

72. I believe in mono-no-aware, the bitter-sweet awareness that ‘this too shall pass’ is just as true of happiness as it is of sadness

73. I ran along the Copacabana

74. I went to Brazil because of a book I read: Journey to the River Sea which is a children’s book

75. I went to Japan because of a book I’d read: Across the Nightingale Floor which is a ‘teen’ book by Lian Hearn and my favourite of all children’s books

76. My favourite photographic films are Fuji Superia, Fuji Velvia, Fuji Neopan 1600 and Koday T-Max 400

77. I love to laugh. I like simple things to laugh at, like comedy shows. I love “My Name is Earl” because it makes me laugh, I love Joy and Darnell, and Randy and Catalina almost as much as I love Earl. I love karma and I love Earl’s list.

78. I love language and I love the way words travel like seeds, planting themselves in different cultures, and growing in weird and wonderfully different ways, like obrigado and arigato.

79. I love Italian food, but I love Chinese food probably just as much.

80. I like having a middle name. It’s like a secret no-one knows.

81. I like to wander through markets, but I wish the stallholders would just let me look at stuff instead of asking if I’m looking for something. Sometimes I like to just look and if I’m left alone, I usually buy stuff too.

82. My favourite ‘thin’ clothes are my pencil-thin size 8 Pilot trousers and my Guess jeans.

83. I get easily addicted to online games, especially pointless ones. Once I decide to stop, I can’t see the point any more.

84. I gave up smoking in 1998. I started again in 2008. I stopped again because it all felt a bit pointless and boring.

85. Writing is my passion. Actually, words are my passion.

86. I love Fry’s Turkish Delight

87. I quite like believing in stuff. I’m probably a Buddhist with a bit of Shinto and Christianity thrown in.

88. I love haiku

89. My favourite artists are Hokkusai and the Pre-raphaelites. Bizarre combination, I know

90. I could look at pictures of cute animals all day long

91. I think animals are far superior to many people

92.  I make the best carrot cake you will ever eat

93. I was in the last 100 for Masterchef 2009. I didn’t get through. I don’t know why. They had to compliment one guy on making a milk sauce. This was the second thing I learned to make in Domestic Science.

94. I can make my own curtains and blinds

95. I like acrylic paint best of all art forms

96. I am quite compulsive about watching things. I have to watch everything in the series  before I can do anything else. Also, I can’t put books down

97. I once had to be rescued off a hill in Cuba when a hurricane came over

98. I’ve been where Fidel Castro and Che hid out

99. President Lula of Brazil is my favourite president of all, though I liked Castro. He’s like a strict dad.

100. I’m proud of how Cuba have stuck two fingers up to the US bureaucracy and mafia-supported in-politics that caused the sanctions on the country. Ironic they’re pretty much the only country the US won’t trade with!


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