Je me suis fortifie

Having just had my ‘justice réparatrice’, I feel a little restored.

At first, the lad was very unrepentant… he said I shouldn’t have been taking pictures of him and that his disfigurement (on his face) meant he was very sensitive to photographs of himself. I was wondering whether he was going down the line of ‘Islam forbids photography of animate objects’, which I can understand; however, it’s still allowed to take pictures of criminals ‘for identification or pursuit’ – and you’d have to be a very devout Muslim to go with the ‘no photography’ route. What would you do about t.v. and the like??! Surely film, images, videos etc are outlawed??! Why would Islamic terrorists go on video?! Hmmmm. I’m sensing a hypocrisy of Al Jazeerah… still…

Anyway, his arguments about disfigurements didn’t wash with me, on account of my hands. As soon as he said that, I slammed my hands on the desk and showed him them.

“I have one finger and one thumb on my left hand. I can’t hold on to things. Taking my camera was easier than taking candy from a baby. If I got all hot and bothered every time anyone took the piss out of me, I’d have been in prison a long time ago.”

I reminded him, also, that he shouldn’t have been there. If he hadn’t have been there, he wouldn’t have been photographed in the first place.

I’d also like to think that he can’t really have got to grips about the whole CCTV thing… we’re constantly on camera, whether we like it or not. Is he going to take issue with the British Government and the police and anyone who has a camera??!

I’m just lost in a little bubble of non-logic, reading an Islamic site about images and photography, and it seems a little bizarre that it was okay for Saddam Hussein to have his picture everywhere and a load of statues. Very un-Islamic!

I think, however, my piece de resistance was when I showed him my jewellery that I may have to pawn… my present from my Dad, a gold chain; my Nana’s engagement ring diamond; my Gramps’ ring; my bracelet from Phil; a pendant from my Mum for my 21st birthday… and I told him about not having anything for Jake for tea, because I couldn’t ebay and sell the things I needed to sell to make money. Then his sister said she’d replace it. I don’t know whether she will or not, but it was nice that she did. This is maybe how it should be. He isn’t an adult, fair enough, but there’s no punishment for children. They can be lawless. Maybe their parents and family should make reparations. I felt a little bad, but then again, I didn’t. It has meant an end to ebay for me for the meantime, and I’m out £250 just from the camera, let alone the phone.

Still, being able to speak to him, challenge his views and tell him how it went down, it did make things feel a little better.

Unfortunately, I’ve just learned according to Islamic scriptures, the Angel Gabriel forbid Angels to go into houses with dogs and pictures. That’s me damned for eternity then.

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