Les Ecures – Juin 2010

Some photos, finally, of Les Ecures, when I was over last. I had, annoyingly, to wait for Steve to retrieve them from the camera, then he left them at his mum’s. Grrr.

And breathe….

Mes cerises

I am taking cue from Le Lezard and I am going to weigh and price up everything I pick. This overlooks the fact that I often eat as I pick. I consumed my own bodyweight in cherries when I was picking these. I need one of those weigh-bridges like they have in ports for a ‘before’ and ‘after’ weight.

The courtyard

It wasn’t massively sunny, and neither is it now, but the space is amazing. I can’t wait. I’m going to fill this courtyard with roses, as Madame had already done.

I want more and more roses, everywhere!

More please! I love these roses so much!

And underneath the fruit trees, once I’d finally got to grips with the tondeuse a gazon!

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