Moi, j’adore la famille Reptily!

I confess… I love this blog:

It’s a French family’s account of their small-holding. I love it because the husband’s screen name is ‘Le Lézard’ which might as well be Steve’s name. I love it because it is filled with wonderful ideas that I just might try. I love it because the photographs are wonderful.

I love their garden and their potager. I like the way it’s aesthetic as well as functional. And I love the way they’ve just reminded me I could make cider. I don’t know how, but I shall endeavour!

They have had, in previous years, a cost sheet for all the money they’ve saved on items from the garden that they’ve grown, for instance, the weight of the beans they’ve picked, and how much that would cost. They also have a spreadsheet of how long they’ve spent, doing what and what the weather was like. Loving it.

How beautiful is this?! I love the curving sweep of the cut grass, and the hilly little sweeps of uncut prairie … it’s very … Hobbitesque!

But, now I’m just wondering if we can use our grape press to crush apples and what we’ll do with the cider we produce. Yum.

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