Design ideas for the buanderie #1

We have a little laundry kind of room which joins the main house to the bathroom. It’s big enough for a couple of chairs and a small table, but it’s decidedly shabby looking. It firstly needs a good paint. Half of it is breeze-block, so plastering and a bit of white paint will be great. It’s also home to the boiler. I think a new door would be in order from the veranda, but other than that, it’s structurally sound, if a little battered. It could do with some new glass, I guess, too. Plus, I can’t remember what the flooring is. It’s not wood, I know that much!

I’d like it to be a warm, dry place for when you come out of the bath. I think I want it filled with tropical plants, possibly a tangerine tree or something to cover up the boiler!

La buanderie

Looking at it, maybe you don’t have the same visions I do! The ceiling plastic panels need replacing with something more substantial. It definitely needs a coat of paint or two, but I think it’s workable and quite liveable. One of my dad’s neighbours made some derogatory joke about ‘French-habitable’, which it will be, but I won’t care. It’s habitable. No, it’s not a beautiful conservatory design with stone walls and floor, but it does the job!

The door

The best thing is that it’s south-facing and it’s a sun-trap. When I saw it in October, it was roasting warm. I think Mr. Basil will love it in there, in a comfortable basket chair, away from the dog, roasting in the sun.

I’m going to continue the pink/green theme from the dining room into here. Partly because the dining room looks out onto the buanderie and partly because pink is such a great colour with green if you’re going for the tropical look. White walls, maybe some blinds and swags in coordinating fabric and then a couple of bits of furniture. New shelves, lots of plants, and it will be a veritable hothouse.

I’m going for the kind of look here:

It’ll notch the mint green of the dining room up a little, brighten the pink up, and look AMAZING with cheap white furniture.

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