More shoes that annoy me…

Those really cheap thin-heeled stilettos that are broken and worn down to the plastic or metal spike within the heel. I can’t stand listening to the plastic clicky-clack of broken heels. It’s not bad enough that the shoes are crap in the first place, but the fact that the owner lets the heels get really knackered. I most hate it when the heel actually splits, because the wearer has worn them right down as far as they can go. Urgh.

Knackered shoes

This picture makes me feel ill. I can imagine the nasty scraping sound on the floor, and I can imagine the person wearing them… they’re the kind of Brit that is ever unfashionable, a bit like Bridget Jones. She’d wear shoes like this and not care. Cheap doesn’t mean you have to be badly dressed: Primark is a case in point. On my friend Yasmin, she can make Primark look more Primarni. But these women can take a thousand pound suit and make it look like it came from a charity shop reject pile. Dowdy. They always seem to have uncontrollable hair, uncomfortable, unflattering trousers and a preference for bizarre chintz prints.

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