Is it just me or do traffic regulations not apply any more??

Right… today I have:

  • seen some idiot parked on double yellow lines outside the police station. I was quite sure double yellows meant no stopping or parking.
  • been held up because several vans decided to block the road
  • gone past 16 cars and vans on St Helens Road that were parked on double yellow lines
  • had a van stop right in front of me as I was coming out of Staples
  • nearly had a collision in Sainsbury’s car park
  • watched a taxi do a 3 point turn on an A road
  • had to slam on because a taxi pulled out of a side road without stopping
  • had to stop and wait for a file of traffic to go past because an elderly Asian gentleman thinks you should stop about a metre after the dashed white lines – he was most upset that I beeped when he tried to pull across the front of me and stop there whilst waiting for more traffic to move

For future reference, this:

means NO stopping, parking, letting passengers out, letting your kids out, waiting for someone to come out, waiting for a taxi pick up… Are there really 20 drivers in Bolton who are so retarded they don’t know this??! I do believe the given definition is NO WAITING AT ANY TIME!

Does this now mean “feel free to park here, stop as long as you want, get out, have a natter, unload some melons, say ‘hi’ to your friends, stop for the cash machine, block the bus stop by all means, post a letter…”? And if so, why wasn’t I informed???!

The other one that gets me is:

I believe this now means… pull out into the main road, stop the traffic to your right, especially if you’re trying to turn left and you’re in a Chelsea Tractor or you’re in a rush. It also means, stop halfway over me… I’m here as a guide for you to guess where half way along your car should be….


It seems this afternoon like there’s only me who knows how to drive without parking on yellows, going into the main carriageway from a minor road.

And don’t get me started about jaywalkers! Apparently, though, it’s not a crime and anyone can walk into the road when they feel like it, pelican crossing, lollipop lady or no.



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