Addendum ‘Go Laws’

So QCDA don’t get a specific mention…. but will they survive the cull. Becta have already put a memo out on their website.

I was just thinking, though, how Bolton College/University has bought ridiculous £70 a slab paving stones when £4 ones would do. Too much in this country is improper aesthetics over practicality. What kind of ‘public’ architect would arrange for such items? Probably the same type of person who’d recommend the ‘green’ cycle lanes, which have been coated in a kind of surface that’s good for bikes but disintegrates within months, and the same type of people who’d rather put down speed bumps than fix potholes.

I guess this is why ring-fencing is a good thing. What’s to stop Bolton Council spending all its money on fancy paving rather than fixing the roads? I’ve lost 3 tyres, a drive-shaft and good suspension to Bolton’s ‘tank traps’

I never would have thought I’d be so political, really… but all these cuts have lanced a boil that’s been festering within me about public spending and tax waste.

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