Dining room ideas #2

I’ve decided on Mint Crisp to go with the wallpaper. Steve says he can see himself skipping round the dining room with that kind of wallpaper. He’s a sarcastic beggar. What even is the point of having conversations with men about wall colouring??!

B&Q paint colours

I’ve already bought some fabric bright pink orchids for the vase. It matches beautifully!

My design sheet

With mint-green or pink taffeta, kingfisher blue and gold ribbons sewn on to it, I think the curtains will look fabulous!

Not decided what to do with the fireplace yet… paint, strip or what?? I’m thinking a matt eggshell in some colour or other, but I haven’t decided yet. Possibly my two Hokusai prints will go above the fire – they’re beautiful! And then my lovely, lovely prints that I bought in the Imperial Gardens… they’ll go on the wall along from the window. Steve’s mum’s kindly donated her chairs and dining table, as well as a beautiful dresser. I may re-cover the chairs (Well, may ask my mum to!!!) in co-ordinating fabrics. But then, the dining room is complete!

We went to hire the van today. Yikes expensive. I was crying when my poor visa card came out!


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