Les detentes de Jake

Some things I’d love to do with the boy:

  1. Nautilis, near Angoulême. Swimming, tubes, waves… a bit like Waves in Blackburn, but without the scrotes. There’s also ice-skating there!  Another example of a terrible French website http://www.grandangouleme.fr/index-module-orki-page-view-id-48-niveau-2.html
  2. Our waterpark favourite at le Plan d’eau http://www.grandangouleme.fr/index-module-orki-page-view-id-349.html
  3. La piscine at La Rochefoucauld http://www.bandiat-tardoire.fr/Les-loisirs-sportifs.html
  4. Horse-riding in Agris
  5. Fishing in the Tardoire
  6. Go karting
  7. Canoeing

I’ll try to add to this as I go!

  1. The caves

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