Quick ideas for designs #1

Colours I'd like in the kitchen, and some ideas for storage

I’d like a huge blackboard in the kitchen, if there’s any space! I want recipes on it, and tips and ideas, and phrases! I don’t know where it would go, though!

I think I’m going to go with a light blue, the colour of my Wedgwood china, and a light peach colour. It’s a combination I’ve stolen from an image, but I think it works well. It’d be an open shelving system and I’d have curtains under the sink, but the other shelves will be open. I think, other than the basics, I’m going to use the secret passage way for the pantry, since it’s cool and out of the way. Then I can keep my pans and so on in the kitchen.

Flooring: possibly a peach vinyl. Ironically, my current kitchen floor colour is perfect!

Walls: white/peach white with white bracket-less shelves and blue tiles. Then I can have lots of peach and blue colours. I’ll have a peach/beige work surface or a wooden one, and possibly a small island. Lots of room and lots of space. Peach and blue and white bunting along the shelves. A peach or blue blind. Steve’s bringing his gas stove, which isn’t ideal. I’d much rather have an electric fan oven, since the oven is so temperamental, heat-wise. It’ll do for now, though!

Our other worry is how we get everything out over there, especially with Dad’s van being out of order (HS! Hors Service, I believe!)

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