Au revoir, les nids de poules!

Ironically, as I’m preparing to say ‘Au revoir’ to Bolton for a few days, they finally get rid of the potholes on the main drag towards Bury. And not before time. ‘They’ have also got rid of the potholes coming towards here from the A666 (the road of death!) too. However, I shall not miss the English roads, especially those that have chipped my windscreen, ruined my tyres and suspension and generally caused aches to my back I would expect if I were driving an old jalopy, not a lovely (shiny) Honda Civic (thanks to Steve cleaning it)

Nor shall I miss the random taxi-driving population. Because I work such odd hours, I often make my way home about nine at night, and it must be said, at that time, the predominance of taxis makes it an utter nightmare. They stop wherever they like at totally inconvenient places, fail to pull in or pull in badly, pull out when they feel like it, drive so fast because they’re on a drop off or pick up, or so slow because they’re on their phone, move without indicating, cross lanes intermittently, pull out about a metre over the junction line, slam on, speed up, swerve… it’s a disaster. The amount of times I’ve wanted to get out and punch someone don’t even bear thinking about.

But, all of this will be behind me soon!

I had a very spooky ‘stars’ experience yesterday. I tend to read them a bit, pretending disdain, but jumping on the coincidences that emerge. I have to say, I’m about as ‘typical’ a Sagittarian as you can be, but do I conform to the stereotype because it exists, or because it’s some strange star-influence? I have to say, if the Moon can cause tides and we’re 70% water, I definitely believe the moon has a pull on us, evidence or no. The Moon can shift the Atlantic, so I’m sure it can affect me. But the influence of the other planets and so on, well, my jury’s still out, though I tend to think I like to believe rather than not.

Anyway, I found this site yesterday:

which led me to the following prediction for March. Yes, I know it’s almost over, but I was late on finding it!

Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2010

By Susan Miller

What a lovely month you have in store! Your home and romantic life will have exciting news, and you may also get a chance to travel to distant points, if not now, very soon. There is much to discuss in this busy month. Let’s start at the top, with your home.

Well, in all fairness, I’m travelling to fairly distant points, in going to France, and yes, it has been a busy month. I suspect that ‘home’ is a big priority, given I’m moving house. Still…

At the end of February, you may have begun to think seriously about improving your home, property, or family situation that has been on your mind for some time. Until now you’ve not had many options, and may have felt stuck. Then, suddenly, in late February you experienced a spectacular meeting of Jupiter and the Sun over the weekend of February 27-28, showing you that this situation could be resolved, much to your surprise. You may have already seen a big breakthrough, but if not, this month will continue and advance this theme in remarkable ways.

I did feel stuck, on account of having not sold, and yes, the situation began to resolve itself around Feb 24th (a bit earlier) and I didn’t think it could.

As you begin March, you have Jupiter (luck), Uranus (unanticipated events), Mercury (news), the Sun (your interest and focus), and the new moon (fresh starts) coming to your aid. Uranus, the new moon, Sun, and Mercury will be at 25 to 27 degrees Pisces in a rare crown of stars in one part of the chart, showing something is about to surface. The fact that the new moon – always an indication of your domestic condition – is conjunct Uranus shows that unforeseen situations will be at play.

I’ve definitely got some fresh starts coming up… and it was all ‘unforeseen’ in my personal situation!

Your career may factor into the changes that are happening at home too and will bring added shifts. For example, you may decide now to relocate so that you can find a better job, or because you are already in a very fine position and being promoted to a job that will require you live in another city, or even a foreign country.

Now I know not all Sagittarians can be off to foreign shores to work… and for me, it’s not so much about work as it is about moving, but spooky, nonetheless!

Jupiter is your ruling planet and also the planet of good fortune and happiness. The fact that Jupiter will tour your sector of home and family during most of the year tells me you are likely to be protected and quite lucky when it comes to real estate leases, purchases, sales, renovations, and home decor projects. The changes you see will be changes you love and will lead you in the right direction.

Thank the Lord for that! I could do with luck and protection when it comes to purchases and sales!

You are also enjoying unusually strong family support, particularly from your parents.

Hmmm… very spooky. It’s not often that I need parental support, but if one month in my life was about parental support, it would have been this one. Weird!

You won’t see any of these changes coming this month, but you will need to be poised to make quick decisions when opportunity knocks.If you were born at the end of your sign, near December 16, plus or minus four days, you are most likely to be affected, or if you have 25 degrees Sagittarius rising.

That’s me!

Pluto will be at hard angles to the new moon, March 15, so you may have to write a number of checks. It looks like you are in the process of a lifestyle shift that that will require a hefty outlay of cash this month. Still, you seem to be spending carefully and deliberately. You seem to be dealing with an outstanding and unexpected offer, so it’s a matter of either snapping it up quickly or risk losing it entirely due to indecision.

You’re not kidding!

A new moon sets up two weeks of opportunity and will always be at its strongest during the first week, which in this case will be March 15-19. The actions you take this month have the power to affect you for a year to come, if not much, much longer than that. Actually, Jupiter’s position suggests you’re beginning a twelve-year cycle.

Indeed this will be your best month of 2010 to make home and family-related decisions. If you can’t get plans ready fast enough to move forward now, you will have another chance from mid-to-end of August, but they won’t be quite as special as the ones happening now.

I could do with a new 12-year cycle… to be fair, much of the last 12 years has been a very bumpy ride. It’s had it’s high points, like getting published, but it’s been a battle of the highest order, with mental health, with deaths, with work… and it’s been liberating in the long run but harrowing on a year-by-year basis. Could do with a new turn of events! Funnily, we’re moving en masse on 17th August. Our first date there all together when we have no plans to come back!

As you get to month’s end, planets will migrate into your true love sector. Jupiter, your ruler, will stay behind and brighten your house of home, but in June through September will also visit your fifth house of love, ensuring you a very romantic summer. (If you live “down under” then you can look forward to a very cozy, loving winter mid-year!)

Oh, I hope so! ♥

This month, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun will move though your romantic sector. Venus will be the first to arrive, from March 7 to 30, and Venus will work with Mars so that you get a number of travel opportunities that will bring a possibility to find love (or to enjoy the love you already have for someone special).

Well, I’m travelling with my love, so does this count?? Spookier still!

Mercury will follow on March 17, and the Sun will enter your romance sector on March 20. As you see, you will soon have a crowd of planets brightening your fun and love sector, so your outlook is very happy for month’s end and in April, even more so! On the full moon, March 29, plus or minus four days, your eleventh house of celebratory events will be lit up brilliantly. It looks like you have a stellar event to attend at some point over the weekend of March 27-28, or shortly thereafter. You may be a bit concerned about how much you’ll need to spend to attend this event, but it seems special and well worth the expense.

What’s so strange about this is that I am signing for the house on the 2nd April – within the four day full moon period, and It will be a stellar event! An understatement to say I’ll be concerned about how much I’m spending, but Susan Miller, you are damn right: it is worth the expense!

This full moon will be in beautiful angle to Mars, so you may need to travel a distance to get there. It will be fun, and you certainly need a chance to relax. This divinely social trend is just the beginning of something bigger to come, dear Sagittarius. You’ll be spinning romantic memories in April, too. We all want to be you!

What a lovely horoscope! And so bizarre that so much of it fits my personal situation. I hope it means the whole universe, stars, moons and earth are all conspiring to wish me this house! Oddly, Steve’s focused on his career – weird since he just finished his job. And the 29th Full Moon seems to be of some importance!

It inspired me a little!


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