Steve a pris la clef des champs

Steve’s finally free from work! It’s a week away. The money is in the hands of the solicitor. Everything is going well, I hope. I feel at times like this that it would be appropriate to give a little insh-Allah and keep my fingers crossed and do every little superstitious thing I need to do to keep the universe in check.

I’m not sure what state I’ll find him in tonight, given that one pint of beer left him with a terrible headache and he felt completely ill last night. I love the way he went to bed at 9:30 and then laughed at me for getting out of bed at 8:10 this morning, saying I was lazy! Transference I think it’s called!

So… a million things to do before we go, including learning French. The lady on the phone this morning rattled on at such a pace I felt truly terrified. I got to the end with ‘pas de probleme’ – a vendredi prochain – and I hope that everything is in order. Strangely, I believe I called when my father was actually dropping off the cheque.

So, that’s another step closer.

And I still can’t think how it’ll all be!

Phrase of the day:

Prendre la clef des champs. Literally, to take the key to the fields. However, I’m reliably informed by the unreliable internet, that this phrase originated when les champs literally meant ‘free space’ and so to take the key to freedom, or to head for the hills!


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