feckin’ whingey old Mary Anns!

Over a period of time, I’ve become increasingly disillusioned with the quality of people posting on ex-pat forums. That’s a horrible phrase, anyway, ‘ex-pat’, it sounds so…… Malaysian-rubber-plantation-owner-in-a-gentleman’s-club-drinking-gin-and-tonic-wearing-linen-suits… so…Quentin-Crisp-Englishman-in-New-York…. so…. pensioners-from-Merseyside-on-the-Costa-del-Sol…. and I don’t like it. If I’m honest, I prefer ‘immigrant’ to ‘ex-pat’ – that’s how snobbish I am about that word.

Anyway, many of the forums seem full of Malvolio-Malcontent, moaning about everything. They moan about other posters, about schools, about services, about telephones. They moan about neighbours’ dogs. Here’s some of the moans:

First, following the ‘tempest’ yesterday, there are people worried about their houses. I understand this worry, myself, but it has invoked the moaning of the ex-pat community because the original posters haven’t worried about the 40-odd dead.

Second, there’s an ongoing moan about the price of cake and coffee in a local coffee shop. Yes, really.

Then there’s someone moaning that their broadband is bad, and someone else adding to the moan that they are lucky they even get broadband and moaning that they don’t. This seems to be a regular occurrence, superseding a moan with a moan-trump.

There’s people moaning about posters who don’t put a photo with a sale, and those moaning about those who do. Then the moaners moan about those who ask for photos, and those who don’t buy it when they’ve asked for a photo.

There’s a big load of moaners who moan about Ryanair, and then there’s those who moan about those who moan about Ryanair. There’s those that moan about it and use it anyway, but they do love a moan!

The rank seems to go like this today:

1 Moan about the weather

2 Moan about tiles coming off the roof

3 Moan about people who aren’t glad they’re still alive

4 Moan about people who aren’t sorry enough people have died

5 Moan about the price of cake

6 Moan about France Telecom

7 Moan about SFR

8 Moan about Orange

9 Moan about broadband

10 Moan about bank charges

It’s like they’re a nation of ex-teachers. Oh, wait… they probably are!

The worst thing about moaning is that it can really bring others down. Whilst it might do you some good to get it off your chest, it doesn’t do any good at all for those who have to listen to it. It makes me feel pessimistic and worried and sick and panicky and uptight. And it makes me forget there are at least thirty people I already know who don’t moan about it, even though life might be hard, and just get on with it, and are decent people. Bah.

So, there’s the irony: me moaning about moaning.

2 thoughts on “feckin’ whingey old Mary Anns!

    1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to commit acts of murder. I stay away from forums now other than dog ones – and my life is much more peaceful!

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