that’s ‘y grecque’ to you

A month to the actual trip over to look at the house. It feels like it’s been decided a long time, but it’s only been a month since we came back and made our minds up. Time passes slowly when you’re waiting for something to happen! I’ve sorted the storage out and started looking at houses on estate agents’ sites. At the price I’m looking to get, they either come in as falling down heaps in need of rewiring, or as pristine ‘House Doctor’ houses that look like they’ve never been lived in. Does everyone live in immaculate cream-and-brown houses these days?? They are all identikit.

Funnily, mine is cream-and-brown in places – mainly because I like to live in a house that I could move out of at any minute – and I’m surprised by the amount of clutter I’ve got compared to the House Doctor houses. I have very little – lots of books, sure, but only in one room, and some cds – but these identikit houses seem to be without kitchen apparatus like kettles and microwaves as well. Maybe they’ve not been lived in yet? Perhaps they’ve been ‘dressed’? It seems to me like it’s completely a buyers’ market. If you don’t have a house they could move into tomorrow, then they’re wanting ten grand off the price. It’s got me worried. A four-bed-semi round the corner is on for £130,000. It’s not only four beds, but a conservatory. However, it’s a complete shit tip. I’d need to spend at least £10,000 on doing it up. It looks awful. Anne Maurice could definitely give them some lessons.

But if that’s on for £130,000… what will mine be??! Only £120,000?? who knows??!

It’s pretty worrying.

However, all reports confirm the market is on the mend and that there aren’t enough houses for first-timers to move into – which is exactly what mine is.

I shall miss it, extraordinarily. I shall miss sitting in the bath, contemplating my tiny domain on this earth, feeling safe and secure on this relatively safe and secure little island. I shall miss my garden hugely – got lots of plants I wish I could take – they feel almost like old friends! I shall miss my neighbours. It’s good to live in a place where everyone waves and smiles, even if it is an inner-city area. I shall miss my wardrobes, and the central heating, and lying in the bath, but I’ll mostly miss the things you can’t measure – the comfort and the protection that this place offers.

So I sussed out storage, yesterday. Is it wrong that I picked a place just because the man had a lovely telephone manner? He was extremely polite and friendly – something I fear the French are lacking, from all reports.

But tempestuous seas, no doubt, ahead, as I leave this port, this harbour.


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